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15,000 years in America — will the Redskins migrate again?

Thursday March 9, 2017
15,000 years in America — will the Redskins migrate again?

The idea of race is an antiquated one — not quite old enough to persist, perhaps, yet pervasive enough to discuss.  This Spring, for example, the United States Supreme Court will consider the revocation of the Redskins trademark, held by the National Football League Team based in Washington, D.C. bearing that name.  At play is the decision of whether or not this word is disparaging to some, and the underlying message it sends to persons who do not self-identify as “Red” thus raising a classic conflict between the First Amendment and the right to profit greatly from its use.…  

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A Child’s Wish – Does it count in divorce?

Friday September 23, 2016
A Child’s Wish – Does it count in divorce?

I was saddened by the announcement of the impending Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce.  The odds are never good these days.  More are getting divorced than staying together.  Somehow, it seemed, this one might work, despite its Hollywood backdrop.  It was not to be however.

Angelina has demanded physical custody of all of the children, with visitation rights for Brad. …  

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A Reason to Sit With Colin Kaepernick

Tuesday September 13, 2016
A Reason to Sit With Colin Kaepernick

We are all on the bench for the opening of the 49ers first game this season. These United States are in the throws of a heated conversation about what an “insider” like Hillary Clinton and an “outsider” like Donald Trump may bring to the table in November. Polls show Trump’s open and candid approach is divisive, as is Clinton’s alleged hidden information.…  

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