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Monday November 10, 2014

Part Two of a Three Part Series
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The nation’s capital was designed by Pierre L’Enfant (the French artist-architect who drew up the original plans which were later executed by Benjamin Banneker, a freed slave) to create not only a grand capital but a walking city with a series of broad avenues converging into several circular intersections.…  

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Barnes Testifies Before U.S. Senate, Announces D.C. Statehood Lawsuit

Saturday September 27, 2014
Barnes Testifies Before U.S. Senate, Announces D.C. Statehood Lawsuit

Attorney Johnny Barnes submitted testimony for the Hearing conducted by Senator Carper on 15 September. The testimony provides insight into what may be the basis for a federal lawsuit to be announced on Saturday, 27 September 2014. As part of the lawsuit, Plaintiffs may seek to block the F.B.I. from moving out of Washington, D.C.…  

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Do you know the Rules of the Road?

Wednesday September 10, 2014
Do you know the Rules of the Road?


BY LWTL Staff Writer

Publisher’s Note – This is the First of a Three Part Series on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety. This First Part is made available to all readers. The final two parts will be available only to subscribers of Living with the Law. Subscribe today.


Washington, D.C has much to distinguish it as a world-class city.…  

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