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Johnny Barnes is the self-described "People's Lawyer," fighting to give voice to those who otherwise are without; those who the powerful believe will not fight!

Ivy City Is Dying While the Government Is Denying

Thursday August 16, 2012
Ivy City Is Dying While the Government Is Denying

Barnes Sues the District of Columbia

People die early in Ivy City, earlier than any other place in Washington, D.C. Ivy City is a low income, poorly educated, made up of mostly African American residents in Northeast Washington, D.C. Over the years, the District of Columbia Government has promised this depressed Community training, jobs, education, recreation, opportunity, hope, a way up, a way out.…  

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The D.C. Statehood Teach-In and Concert Series – Continues in 2012

Sunday March 25, 2012

For the past four summers, artists and activists have gathered in Washington, D.C. to promote the effort to make the District of Columbia the 51st state. This year, we plan to take that program on the road, with hopes of covering 20 states over the spring, summer and fall.

This Launch — with the brilliant artists we have assembled — will serve as a Prelude to our Tour.…  

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